Fleet Safety and Compliance

Clancy Plant is positively influencing fleet management by providing forward thinking Fleet Safety consultancy as part of its overall service. Formed in 2016 the divisions objective is to deliver simple and effective strategies designed to add value to our customer’s business by targeting the following areas:

  • Reduce fleet costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase driver safety and compliance

Clancy Plant provides a range of fleet training products that support bother managers and drivers through,

  • Effective leadership
  • Project management
  • Using data to influence key performance indicator

We guarantee your business will be able to measure the effectiveness of our driver training and fleet solutions because we target reducing fleet costs and improving safety equally. This allows a mechanism in which the benefits of driver training can quantified

Clancy Plant has a proven track record of providing a cost reduction environment for our customers. All our customers see a return on investment in terms of the safety solutions they purchase from us.

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