Clancy Plant Suction Excavators

After 6 months in the making, we have taken delivery of not one, but TWO brand new, state of the art, Suction Excavators.

Suction Excavators are designed and manufactured using special suction fans that create the negative pressure and air flow to transport material. The suction fans are driven via an engine driven power take off (PTO). The fans are capable of creating an airflow of up to 44,000m³/h, maximum vacuum of 55,000 Pa. This air flow enables the operator to suck all kinds of materials liquid or solid up to 250 mm in diameter through the air intake suction nozzle.


Advantages of using CP Suction Excavator Technology

  • Safe exposure of buried service and utilities.
  • Economic, Fast, Time and cost saving
  • Reduced excavation size, less excavated spoil reduces environmental impact
  • Reduced reinstatement costs
  • Consistently high results when compared against manual labour
  • Output is up to 16 times greater when compared to conventional excavation methods
  • Keyhole excavation produces a neater finish and reduces traffic disruption as less of the highway is lost to the excavation. Lane closures on the highway are kept to a minimum, reducing costs.
  • Can be used for various other specialist applications.


This is an exciting time for both Clancy Plant and Clancy Docwra.

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