Customer Service

Clancy Plant is committed to providing the highest level of service at all times to its customers. Our Customer Commitment supports our Customer Care and Quality policy.
Our Customer Commitment outlines our promise to provide the highest standards of service, workmanship and customer care, which you can expect from us at all times.

Clancy Plant’s reputation has been built on quality and delivery. We are committed to not only delivering the best possible customer service to all of our clients and our clients’ customers, but to exceed their expectations.

What our Customers think?

During a recent Institute of Customer Service Survey, our customers were asked to use one word to describe our service. The word cloud below identifies the adjectives that were used, the larger the word the greater its usage.

Clancy Plant also scored an 84% satisfaction score which we are extremely proud of especially as the industry average is 72%.

Clancy Plant recognises the important of customer satisfaction and if you would like to share your experience with us then please complete the form below, we would love to hear from you. If you feel you’ve received a service that hasn’t met your expectations then please let us know as this will enable us to do the following:

  • The Business can identify and develop action plans for improvement
  • Demonstrate to our customers and employees the company’s commitment to service improvement
  • Improve Customer Retention
  • Increase the business’ efficiency
  • Motivate and engage employees




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