Our Vision

Our management team took part in various workshops, meetings, and forums that redefined our long term plans. The product of this collaborative insight and associated effort is Vision 2020. Vision 2020 builds on the same values we have embraced since 1962, focusing our company’s shared purpose and enhancing our foundation principles. Together with The Clancy Group Plc we share a common mission:

‘To make life better for all our families’

The 4 company values have also been adopted from those established by Clancy Group in 2000. They are the basis for the behaviour of the business and all our employees and supply chain:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Integrity
  • Stability
  • Standards

Our new vision is about building on the trust that we already have with our colleagues, our clients and their customers and our suppliers and contractors.The vision was produced by the management of Clancy Plant to encapsulate our goal for the business in 2020. As such, the vision is defined by the core of its purpose and the ambition for its future:

‘To be the best in the service provision of plant, transport and traffic management’

Helping us chart the way forward are our 2020 Outcomes, the 6S’s. We’ll know we’re getting it right when we’re:

  • Safeall of us going home safe and sound every single day
  • Skilled: investing in people at every opportunity
  • Securekeeping our clients and adding new ones
  • Successfulachieving budgets and growing profits
  • Sustainableacting responsibly and delivering for customers
  • Systemswith innovative processes that help us all work more efficiently
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