Survey Equipment

Click on the link above and explore our range of site survey equipment. From Cable Avoidance Tools and Ground Radar to Soil Impact Testing, you can be sure we have the right tools at your fingertips.

SP Tool - AC6


SP Tool - P340BatteryPacks

Battery Box – Fusion

SP Tool - gCAT4-Plus-Product

Cable Avoidance Tool Mk4

SP Tool - Genny4

Signal Generator Mk4

SP Tool - CIST882

Clegg Soil Tester

SP Tool - DSC_7325-Edit

Ferret Bore Leak Detection System – Small

SP Tool - Flexitrace-small

Flexitrace 50m

SP Tool - Solo Pro 60

Mini Cam Solo Pro

SP Tool - P340-flexiprobe-System

P330 Flexiprobe Pushrod CCTV System

SP Tool - P350-system-Crawler-Pushrod

P350 Flexitrax Crawler CCTV System

SP Tool - Pipecheck 2 Water Pipe Verifier Kit

Pipecheck 2 Water Pipe Verifier Kit

SP Tool - eSafe_studio_031_2 copy

Pipe Hawk E-Safe

SP Tool - full11_16366RD500-671x386px

RD500 Water Pipe Locator

SP Tool - RD8100_locator

RD8100 RX

SP Tool - Tx-10_studio

RD8100 TX

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